Our Mission


Alternative and Integrated Medicine examines and certifies eligible patients who will benefit from the addition of medical marijuana (MMJ) to the treatment plan for their chronic medical illness as allowed for by Pennsylvania Act 16.

Charles Harris, MD - provides examination and certification to patients that will benefit from medical marijuana (MMJ) treatment under Pennsylvania Act 16.
I love my work in the emergency department and have been blessed that I could have had a positive impact on so many patients. However, each day I encounter patients with medical problems that do not respond to traditional treatments. Either the illness is poorly understood, or conventional therapies have been ineffective, partially effective, or have had excessive and unwanted side effects. Nowhere is this more true than the use of high dose and long term opiate therapy for chronic pain.
— Charles Harris MD.

What are the benefits of Medical Marijuana?

reduced-pain-medical-marijuanaAsset 1@5x.png

Reduced Pain

Relieve chronic pain in a natural way, making it a thing of the past.

improved-sleep-medical-marijuanaAsset 1@5x.png

Improved sleep

Sleep soundly with a natural remedy for restlessness, and wake up feeling refreshed.

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Reduced anxiety

Naturally relax your mind and body to reverse the effects of anxiety.

symptom-relief-medical-marijuanaAsset 1@5x.png

Symptom relief

The capability to treat the symptoms of patients with long-term illnesses.